Today I am thankful for #9


Today I was thankful for being able to attend a humbling service at Keller Park Church, and being reminded that we must not neglect any areas of our spiritual lives, but grow akin to the voice of the Spirit and follow where it leads. I was later blessed to talk with my parents and know that they are always there to remind me to cling to God and encourage me to move forward. I was also extremely thankful for Stephen. I am amazed at how he is able to keep up with me in my awful days. I am incredibly blessed to have a boyfriend who cares for me and who shows that care even in the small pleasures of life. Without the ice cream he got me, I don’t know how I would’ve been motivated to continue knitting my scarf.


Today I am thankful for #2

wpid-2014-01-23-12.28.43-1.jpgToday I am thankful for caring teachers who go out of their way to recommend life-changing books.

I am also thankful for the beautiful sunrises that I encounter on my way to work every morning; they are definitely a reminder of God’s great faithfulness. Even on a snowy day looked today, the sun still shone through.