Today I am thankful for #15


Today I am extremely thankful for finishing my thesis!!! Woohoo! Now, I only have to send the pieces for print. I am thankful for incredibly supporting and loving parents, as well as an encouraging and supporting boyfriend. Today has definitely been a blessed day!


Today I am thankful for #3

wpid-mntsdcardPicturesVSCOCam2014-01-24-12.59.25-1.jpg.jpgI have forgotten to write for the last couple of days, but that does not mean I’ve forgotten about the things that I am thankful for. On Friday, I showed up to work at the art center, and it was freezing cold. Despite the weather, I still stood out sir some time taking a picture of another beautiful sunrise that welcomes me every day at 8:00 a.m. when I am walking either to the office or to the art center.




There’s something amazing that happens when I’m at home: I am able to shelter from the infuences. While I’m home I don’t have to see people that might
distract me from walk with God, I don’t have to answer my celphone because there’s nobody that’ll call me. While I’m away from school there’s no Hulu to watch during my free-time, there’s no need to spend much time on trivial and banal websites. When I have nothing to distract me, I can spend more time talking with the ones I love -my family-, reading, writing, crafting, and praying. Although I’ve seen how my home country has been slowly americanized, life is still simpler and not as distracting and endulging as the american life style. While I’m away from disturbances I’m able so hear better and see clearer. I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been working with women for the last couple of days. Well, while working with them I’ve heard some repeating things. The first day I was with them I met one of the people that helped them organized their small business. She asked me where I was from and where I went to school, and things of that sort. Later she asked me what I thought about doing after I was done with college. She wanted to know what I would do with an Art degree, I told her I wasn’t sure, but that I was certain that God has something in store for me. I told her I knew I liked working with people and sharing my passion for art with others, but that I had no idea what I would do after I graduated college. She looked around at the work we were doing and with a smile said, “maybe you’ll work with other women just like you are doing now.” I remained silent and simply nodded. Her words struck me because the same thought had been in my head the day before; I thought maybe that’s part of God’s calling for my life. Working with women is an idea that was accidentally instilled by my mom. I have been a witness of her work with women since I was a kid. When she was still practicing law, she volunteered at a center who needed a lawyer to take cases of women who suffered domestic violence. When she stopped practicing law and took up cooking, she worked with churches to teach women how to bake and help with their families’s finances. Then I was given the opportunity to work in a similar way and share the talents God has given me. That was a thought that had been roaming my mind for a while, but nobody had ever thrown that idea back at me.

Another interesting thing that keeps happening is this verse I keep hearing. Yesterday was my third day working with the women and one of them decided to turn on the radio. First there were some songs playing and then I heard someone start preaching a message. I was focused on my embossing but I could still hear bits and chunks of the message. I knew the man was talking about Elijah and once I was done with my task I payed more attention to the radio. the central verse/passage the preacher used was 1 Kings 19; the same passage I’ve kept hearing throughout this summer! I’m not sure what’s going on with all those things that keep repeating in my life lately, but I’m sure my Father does.