God’s Sovereignty

Lately, I have been reading some stuff by Abraham Kuyper. The book I’m currently reading focuses more on his idea of common grace in science and the arts, but it also touches slightly on his idea of sphere sovereignty. Now, there is a sweet and short introduction to this book that briefly explains Kuyper’s “sphere sovereignty:” “from God’s sovereignty there derives more discrete sovereign ‘spheres’ such as the state, business, the family, and the church… Sphere sovereignty describes a pluralism of both social structures and world views and is one prominent feature in Kuyper’s approach to public life” (Wisdom and Wonder, 2011, p. 24-25).

Last night, during Bible Study, we looked at chapter 9 of Romans–God’s sovereignty, best known as predestination. After going through the chapter with the girls that came, we had a discussion. There is one girl who usually talks, but while she pulled a personal application of the chapter, her voice began to sound shaky and her lips began quivering. I looked over and thought she was on the verge of tears. Then she mentioned how overwhelmed she was by the fact that accepting God’s sovereignty also means accepting that God is present in every area of life.

Today, there have been small occurrences that have made me attune to this teaching. My small revelation for the day has been that God’s sovereignty is present in each one of our lives in a way that is not oppressing, but in a way that offers grace and mercy to humanity (which, if you want to know more about, please read Romans 9).

Lastly, someone saw me reading the book and asked me why I was reading it. I told them that I recognized the author’s last name from some history class in high school; so, I picked it up. Then, she asked me if I was sure that’s how the name was pronounced. I realized I wasn’t sure, so I decided to look. I found confirmation in this awesome video–on one theologian from another theologian.



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