Rushing Days

Yesterday was a hectic day. After my dad came home in the afternoon I realized that I have about two weeks left at home! When I came home in May I felt like I would be here for a very long time -almost forever. However, my time in Nica is almost over. Today was my second day working with the women at Iglesia Verbo and by the end of my time there I felt exhausted, but it was so worth it. Yesterday felt odd because I didn’t really know any of them, so all we did was work. However, today I got the chance to talk to them more and get to know them; I was overjoyed! The more I get to share with these women, the more I feel this is what I was ultimately called to do this summer. One of the most amazing things about today was seeing the progress that they made. When we began embossing, they were a bit confused about the steps and about which side of the alumninium they needed to work on next. They got their project done yesterday and their final product was good, but it was not as crip as it could be. Today did another project and worked on wood. Their work with the metal was fantastic! It did not look like they had only learned yesterday. While we worked, we were able to talk about our families and I was able to hear how they all worked together to make the products and bring some income into their families. I am sad that it will time to leave my family again, but the sadness and worry went away when I started working with these women. Their spirit has been a great encouragement and example to my life these days.


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