Lately there have been pending decissions in my to-do list. They have mostly been about next school year’s housing plans. In my mind, the decission to live in an intentional community comes from wanting to live with other, wanting from and share with our peers. Throughout this past week, I’ve been doubting my idea of intentional living. But I’ve also been reading an inspiring book. This is a passage that reminded me why we must live together in fellowship and discipleship, despite our cultural background, skin color, and age:

“If we are not careful, in all of our infatuation with ourselves we lose the secret of Jesus… When we spend so much time looking in the mirror, we are no longer looking at Jesus. That’s exactly what discipleship is all about, surrounding ourselves with folks who remind us of Jesus, and hoping they rub off on us a little. As one of my friends says, ‘Discipleship means finding a Rabbi we follow so closely that we get covered in the dust behind him.’ Intentional community is just choosing a group of folks to do life with because they will move us closer to the person God wants us to be” (97). Follow Me To Freedom

My hope is that next year we might be so involved in one another’ lives that we might grow together. I hope we enlighten one another with our knowledge, and that we may lead each other closer to the calls God is prompting us to answer.


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