A Collaboration of Knowledge

The human condition can be traced through all of history, through all the disciplines. If  I didn’t think about this two months ago, it is probably because I was not taking the classes I am taking now.

This semester I’m taking two classes that are not part of my major -Utopian Movements, and Major Philosophers; I thought these classes would be completely different from one another, but I have found out that they are more intertwined than I expected. Maybe it is just the way I think of Utopias, or maybe I’m just too sleepy during my classes and feel like all the material belongs to one same curriculum. Recently we have been reading Lewis’ Abolition of Man, while also acquainting (is that the proper conjugation?) ourselves with More’s Utopia. For some strange reason, I feel as if both books address man’s ignorance and imperfection. More’s book  contains many biblical references and allusions, while Lewis’ book, althought does not adress God explicitly, does present Truth as the foundation upon which all human knowledge should be based and built.

I ‘m not sure what I was getting at with this blogpost, but I certainly needed to get these thoughts out of my head. Maybe I’ll expand on the subject on a later blogpost.


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