Growing Up: An Artist’s Vulnerability

According to Robby who co-teaches my Lit seminar, it is painful to introduce one’s favorite books to others and have people disregard them or give negative feedback about them. However, I believe negative feedback, which I prefer to call constructive criticism, can be something good for both the artist and the writer.

A friend shared with me this morning how hard it is for them to do independent study because even if they read the material and finish the homework, there’s no one to give them feedback and tell them whether they are doing things right or wrong. Their concern serves to support my point of view on criticism: We need it. Anyone who creates needs an audience to present the creation to. It’s true that many times we create just to please ourselves, but it is necessary that we have an audience if we intend to grow as artists and writers.

Whenever I am given negative feedback on something I’ve written or created, I don’t frown upon the world and hide under my bed covers. Instead, I hear what they have to use, and look more into what I’ve written to find find evidence that will refute their argument. Sometimes, it will even make me more convicted of my beliefs upon a subject, or the reasons and emotions behind my writing and writing style. If I did not have people telling me how they feel about what I make, then my writing and art would be stagnant. I wouldn’t be able to write any better, or to mix more appealing colors, or to tell more vivid stories.

My audience’s criticism is what make me grow as a writer and artist. Making myself and my creations vulnerable to the public is part of a process. Without that process, I’m pretty sure, my writing would be mediocre; or would improve at a much slower pace.  It is because of this desire to grow in my abilities, that I’ve searched for criticism. It is probably because of this same desire that I’ve decided to continue blogging; Forcing myself to create a healthy habit and making myself vulnerable, before the vast web, so I can continue growing.


*Having written on criticism, please feel welcomed to leave comments and feedback on how I blog.


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